In cooperation with the firm Ithaca , manufacturer FlexGauge type measuring machines and measuring program Tangram . Our company is fully ready to propose technical solutions by case basis , related to the Quality Control for State Enterprises .

Finding the right machine , with a special application dedicated exclusively for your company , measurements made on the details prepared by the company. It gives one hundred percent satisfaction to improve production results . The application on the production line machine and the corresponding application designed for the measurement of parts produced components in your enterprise improves the accuracy of the production parts.

Tangram as a basic programming tool , as an application server provides tools for creating a simple , transparent software application for fast and easy measurement by the operator other tools. The simplified system is dedicated for companies to integrate with internal management systems.

Application possibilities :

  • Graphical representation result / designation Colors
  • Presentation of the results on a graph
  • Built-in statistics
  • Item OK / Not OK
  • Integration with other machine

Creating appropriate application for the enterprise it is designed to automate the production including control measurements on the line and off-line production . The fully automated system allows for fast, easy and accurate measurement .