You want to buy a machine tool and you’re not sure of its technical condition ?? You want to know how accurate are your machines ?? Or maybe after a collision you have any concerns that the machine is still accurate ?? Contact us. Our equipment and expertise enable easy and quick diagnosis of the technical state of your machine.
The advantages resulting from checking the geometry of machine tools:

– Whatever the machine tool you should have to make sure that it is ready for operation before starting work. By measuring the laser interferometer get a full picture of variability of performance
positioning the individual machines over time. As a result, you are able to predict when and what maintenance for individual machines will be needed and thus advance zz prevent failures and downtime

– Increase knowledge of your machine tools and their production capacity.

– Use the right machine for specific tasks. Assigning work on specific tolerances for machines that meet these tolerances to help reduce losses and minimizes the possibility of producing deficiencies.

– Increasing the productivity of the machine. Facilities to our existing laser interface allows you to perform error compensation of your machine. This increases the accuracy and efficiency, and enables introduction of targeted inspections.

– Documentation productivity of your machines. In case the customer requires you to confirm the quality of your machine park, then the graphic presentation of the results of regular correction performance of your machine is excellent documentation. This documentation makes it’re more valuable and competitive manufacturer than its competitors who are unable to provide such documentation.

– Compliance with quality standards. In accordance with the ISO9000 standard calibration is required, monitoring and checking the technical condition of production equipment and tests by recognized and reliable systems and methods.

– Provide professional maintenance. High-quality after-sales service is nowadays a necessity. Using the same calibration tools in the customer’s premises, from which the machine manufacturer uses in his factory is the best way to restore the machine to the original manufacturer’s specification.